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Meet our world-renowed Faculty and Staff. In tandem with their project experiences, Scholars gain leadership skills through a curriculum tailored to hone the skills of clinician-researchers and have the opportunity to learn from a wide array of national leaders in health care and health care research. The formal curriculum draws on models and methods from elite leadership training in the worlds of health care, business, and public administration, through which Scholars learn concepts of leadership and teamwork and have the opportunity to apply them in the context of community-partnered efforts, government, and complex health and research organizations. Guest speakers from major corporations, government, foundations, health care organizations, among many others, provide Scholars with real world case examples of leadership in action and decision-making and the skills necessary to lead within organizations. Career coaching will also be provided. The curriculum provides Scholars an opportunity to hear about the career path and the leadership training and experiences of local and national leaders from different clinical disciplines. For many of the Scholars their projects will be embedded in real world organizations where they will be mentored by the leaders of those organizations. We believe that this "on the job" leadership training is an important and unique asset for this program.



Meet the UCLA National Clinician Scholars. The program will network with the legacy of the vast clinician alumni networks of prior Clinician Scholars Program of over 1,300, the new RWJF Clinical Scholars Program and others such as National Research Service Award fellows (NRSA) and various VA Special Fellowships.



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